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PRODUCE - pesticide-free

Produce Grown Locally Right on the Utah/Idaho Border, Picked and Harvested at Peak Ripeness.

Mini Sweet Peppers - "Lunchbox"

1 pound Mini Sweet Peppers, grown on our farm

Cherry Tomatoes - "Sweetelle"

10 ounces sweet cherry snacking tomatoes, grown on our farm

Beefsteak Tomatoes - "Rebelski"

1 pound large juicy Beefsteak tomatoes, grown on our farm

Mini Persian Cucumbers

12 ounces (approx) mini seedless cucumbers, grown on our farm

Green Beans - "Northeastern"

14 ounces crisp long flat green beans, grown on our farm

Eggplant - "Jaylo"

One small "Jaylo" Eggplant (about 8 ounces each), grown on our farm