Enjoy FREE DELIVERY for orders over $75! Weekly Order Deadline: Sunday @ Midnight for Delivery on Wednesday

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to pay to sign up?
A: Nah, we wouldn't make you do that!

Q: When I tried to make an account, it says you don't deliver to my zip code? Shucks...am I flat out of luck?
A: We're constantly expanding our delivery zone. Send us an email with your address (and zip code, please) and we'll consider adding it. If you have several neighbors who may also be interested in ordering that's even better! Having multiple deliveries in one area helps us keep our delivery costs low.


Q: Is this a CSA or a Subscription Box?
A: Afraid of feeling "all boxed in"? Us to! We are NOT a CSA or a Subscription Box. Simply cherry-pick exactly what you want, in the quantities you want, when you want them, and we'll deliver them to you. Simple... the way life should be.

Q: Is there a required order minimum?

A: Nope! You can order just a single item if you really want. Although if your order totals $75.00 or more, your delivery will be free!

Q: How much do you charge for delivery?
A: Home delivery is FREE FOR ORDER TOTALS OVER $75.00... Whoop Whoop! For orders under that amount, we have a $6.00 delivery fee.

Q: How will my order be packaged?
A: Your order will be delivered in a super cute (if I do say so myself) reusable insulated Kristin's Farm Stand tote bag. There is NO COST FOR THIS BAG. We are trying to avoid single-use plastics and cardboards like our lives depend on it! We pack your order with a lot of care and attention to detail. Any frozen meats that you've ordered will be wrapped in a reusable flexible ice sheet. All prepared products will arrive in reusable glass mason jars. All produce will arrive in lined kraft paper bags (with a window in front so you can see what's inside). Heavy items will be on the bottom, light and delicate items on top. You may receive two or more bags depending upon your order size.

Q: Do I get to keep my Kristin's Farm Stand bag or how do I return it?
A: We're doing everything in our power to reduce our carbon footprint, and part of this means reusing as much as we possibly can, including our delivery bags. We request that the next time you order, please leave your cooler bag (along with any of our reusable ice sheets and mason jars) on your doorstep. We'll pick it all up and swap it out for your new order. Like magic!

Q: Do I need to be home to receive my order?
A: Gone are the days of waiting all day for the cable guy to show up! Just go about your day as normal. We package your order to withstand some time outside in case you're not home when your order arrives. Our driver will text you a picture of your order in front of your house when it is delivered so you know that it arrived. Unless specifically requested, our driver WILL NOT ring your doorbell (we don't want to set off any barking dogs or wake sleeping babies). Our deliveries are NO CONTACT.

Q: Do I need to leave out a cooler? 
A: While it's not necessary to leave a cooler out for your order, if you know you will not be home until late, some of our customers choose to leave one out with ice blocks in it just as an extra measure to maintain the quality of their order. It's up to you!

Q: How long before my order arrives was my produce harvested?
A: In most instances, we harvest produce 24-48 hours before it gets delivered to you. We scramble to get your produce to you as quickly as possible after harvest, ensuring that it arrives fresh, ripe and at its peak nutrient-density and height of flavor.

Q: Will my meats arrive fresh or frozen?
A: We use a local USDA inspected and approved processing facility for all of our meats. As a requirement for our meats to be released to us by the USDA, they have to be completely frozen at the processor first. This means your meat will arrive at your home frozen.


Q: What's a "Super Dozen" of eggs?
A: We know you love your eggs, and a dozen's just never enough! So, we throw in 3 extras for a total of 15 eggs in our "Super Dozen." Also, we just like to be a little different:)

Q: Can you reuse my egg cartons?
A: No, safe food handling guidelines do not allow us to reuse egg cartons. However, our egg cartons are made from recycled pressed paper. They are both recyclable and compostable. If you'd prefer to return them to us, we're happy to recycle or compost them on your behalf.

Q: Are my eggs washed or unwashed and do I need to refrigerate them?
A: Your eggs will arrive washed, which means that they need to be refrigerated. 
*SAFE HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: To prevent illness from bacteria: Keep eggs refrigerated, cook eggs until yolks are firm, and cook foods containing eggs thoroughly.


Q: I'm so thrilled with my order! How can I share you with my friends/family/neighbors?
A: Aw shucks... we (heart) you too!  We rely on word-of-mouth referrals to keep our business running strong, so thank you in advance for sharing... Please share a link to our website with your favorite people!


Q: Do you offer any pickup locations?
A: Not at the moment. We're focusing all of our time/energy on home delivery to make life as easy as possible for you.

Q: Will you be at Farmers Markets this summer?
A: You may see us and our super cute mobile "tiny house" Farm Stand at some farmer's markets this summer, or even popping up solo around town. We're in the process of determining which markets we'll be attending.


Q: Where is your farm?
A: Our 600-acre regenerative farm sits just outside of Snowville, right on the Utah/Idaho border (about a 2-hour drive north of Salt Lake City).

Q: How do you farm?
A: We put a lot of effort into growing nutrient-dense foods for your family and ours.  Click on HOW WE FARM in the menu to learn more.

Q: Do you offer farm tours?
A: We love welcoming you to our farm and showing you in person exactly how we grow our nutrient-dense foods for you! We will be starting farm tours soon. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook @kristinssaltlake for updates. Stay tuned...