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Why Does Pasture-Raising Pork Matter?

March 19, 2020

Pigs, their name alone dredges up a certain mental association, and they have gotten their reputation for a reason. They do tend to eat just about anything they're given.  And since we are what our food eats, it's incredibly important to source pork that is raised and fed in the cleanest manner possible.

Our pork is being raised right here on our own regenerative farm right on the Utah/Idaho border. We go out of our way to pasture-raised pork that is both corn-free and soy-free (for our friends needing to avoid those for health reasons).

Our pigs are rotated to fresh pasture every couple of days, so they have an unlimited supply of bright sunshine and fresh prairie plants and grasses to root around for. 

Their rooting is an important component to great soil health on a no-till regenerative farm. They disturb the soil, resurfacing dormant pasture plant seeds, essentially re-seeding (all while, ahem, fertilizing) each section of pasture as they go.  They play a necessary roll in creating a carbon-negative farm footprint, contributing to the healthiest soil possible that is able to “reach up and grab” excess carbon from the atmosphere and capture it back into the soil where it belongs.

True pasture-raised pork is as delicious as it is healthy.  As with many pasture-raised animals, the heart-healthy Omega-3 content of their meat is quite high (as a result of their diet rich in Omega-3 plants and grasses).

My family and I have been taste-testing some of the cuts and everyone has been raving about every last bit of it!  We love to use ground pork with some spices and maple syrup for a breakfast sausage that is a crowd favorite to have on hand for a clean breakfast protein source, and our extra-thick pork-chops have my daughters literally licking their fingers while asking for more.

I’m thrilled to finally have pork that’s clean enough for me to feel comfortable preparing it for my family.

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