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Farm Stand Recipe: Immune Boosting Bone Broth

August 3, 2020

As we're all sitting here in our little home bubbles, bathing in antibacterial hand sanitizer, we're all brainstorming ways to bolster our own internal viral fighters (our immune systems).

The food we consume daily is one of the most powerful things we can do that has a direct effect on our health. One regular in my family's arsenal of proactive defenses is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished pasture-raised Bone Broth.

"Modern studies have confirmed that the components of bone broth can boost the immune system... Buying [or making] broth that is organic and made from pasture-raised animals... will maximize the nutrients you get from the product," according to Chris Kesser, co-director of the California Center for Functional Medicine and NY Times Bestselling Author. 

Many of us have GI tracts that have been compromised by an inundation of nutrient-defunct, highly processed foods that inflame and cause micro-tears in the lining of our gut (you may have heard the term "leaky-gut"). This leads to an immune response by our bodies trying to fight off foreign invaders in the bloodstream (essentially dietary proteins that were supposed to stay in our GI tract but that instead leaked into our bloodstream). When in this highly inflamed state, our bodies are less prepared to mount a defense against the real invaders, such as viruses.

Building up your body's immunity starts with building a healthy GI tract, which starts with stocking up on healing and anti-inflammatory foods.

Bone Broth is an incredible option because of the high collagen content that we're able to extract from the bones into the broth. Its this collagen than acts as a bandaid to heal and seal any microtears in the GI tract. A healthy gut with tight junctions allows our immune system to be ready to fight of real invaders when presented with them.

So, how do I use bone broth? I like to heat up a single serving and season to my taste (sometimes just an extra pinch of Himalayan salt, and other times I may add lime, ginger, and coconut milk) and sip on it for an afternoon snack, or in a travel cup when on the road in the morning. I also use it in any recipe that calls for broth or stock.

Kristin's Nourishing Grass-Fed Bone Broth Recipe:

-1 Package Kristin's Farm Stand 100% grass-fed beef bones (although pork will also work)

-2 Organic Carrots

-1/2 Organic Onion (leave the skin on)

-1 Large Spring Organic Rosemary

-2 TBS Apple Cider Vinegar

-1 TBS Himalayan Salt

-Water (to cover the bones)

Place all ingredients in the Instant Pot (electric pressure cooker)*. Cook on high pressure for 2 hours. Strain broth and pour into straight-sided mason jars. Cool in the fridge before freezing. Alternatively, you can cook the broth in a slow cooker for 24-48 hours.

*I like to pressure cook my broth as we're able to extract the collagen and minerals in a shorter cook time, which helps keep the histamine levels in the broth low. This is helpful for people with Mast Cell Activation Disorder or other histamine-related issues, and I'm just not patient enough to drag this processes out over two days:)

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