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Hi there, clean food enthusiasts, supporters of local farmers, foodies, and generally any and all humans who eat food and want to be healthy! Hey you with the snack in your hand, that looks tasty. Yep, I’m talking to you too.  I’m Kristin. My family originally got involved in farming in beautiful Colorado in 2012.  We recently started a new farm located right on the border of Utah and Idaho (outside of Snowville), in the majestic setting of Magic Valley.

While we have always eaten relatively healthy, in 2016 we had a nasty scare when my oldest daughter became quite sick with a mystery illness that took months and months and a broad team of doctors to sleuth out.  Luckily enough, it turned out to be a relatively manageable disease that could be mitigated with dietary changes. The docs told us that to get her healthy, we had to become a lot more diligent about the way our family ate. While we thought we were pretty health-conscious before, we realized how much we still had to learn. When you have to be aware of literally every…single…ingredient that enters your mouth we quickly realized, how important it was to know and trust our food source. Where it comes from, whether it was truly organic, whether it was picked ripe and fresh and how it was grown was critical to the health of our daughter.

I had always taken for granted the fresh organic produce, 100% grass-fed beef, and pasture-raised eggs that my husband would bring home from the farm. Suddenly they became crucial to the health of my family.  After a year spent in the kitchen meal prepping, I’m happy to say that all three of my teenage daughters are well and thriving.

During this process, I’ve had many friends and neighbors comment on how hard it is to find truly safe, organic produce and pasture-raised proteins from a local farmer you know and trust. You practically need a degree in marketing to get past the misleading labels… Was it really raised and grown locally or imported and simply packaged here? Is it truly organic and free of chemicals? Did it really only eat grass and not cheap fillers like corn or soy or who knows what? Was it truly never given any antibiotics or hormones? Safe, healthy food for our families should be our number one priority…. 

And hence, Kristin’s Farm Stand was born. Our goal is to provide our locally grown, safe, nutrient-dense, products directly to you, all in one place, delivered fresh from our regenerative farm, straight to your door. Everything we sell is raised and grown on OUR new farm located in the beautiful Magic Valley.

We’re very excited to be delivering to homes in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, straight from our farm. 

Whether you have a desire for food grown this way, want to eat as clean as possible, would like to get to know your farmer, or even just hate buying your produce in a massive mega mart, I'm glad you've found us.  I look forward to meeting you in person and getting to know you!